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ah. please excuse my face >.<  i just want to greet taka here with my taka inspired look :P 

anyway, found the toque given by a friend (now i found a use for it. heheheh ) and i also borrowed my niece’s white board here complete with the alphabet and numbers (can’t find a proper one.hehe :P )

anyway, first time doing this for a fave artist. haha! also, sent a pic similar to this to taka bday project of oor indonesia.

i’m not good with words but what i wrote in the message that i also sent to taka bday project of oor indonesia all came from the heart. 


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    hey Lyn! nooooo! im kidding!!! really!!! wahahaha! dont bother your friend! :D
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    hahah! tha’ts ok ash! let’s see if we’re lucky. ;)
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    He deserves all of this!
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    Awww~ both of you look cute together (●´ω`人) And I love the letter, Lyn!♡
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