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"you should enjoy the little detours 
to the fullest
because that’s where you’ll find the things 
more important than what you want”

Hunter x Hunter EP 148 - Final



digital book -> http://flying-postman.com/digital_book/tokyo/20140520/index.html#page=1

i have just extracted the PDF pages where OOR is featured in the digital book. sharing it here.. here’s the link -> https://www.mediafire.com/?mwleja8ayd2vdzu

Aiba Masaki imitating Hanyu Yuzuru’s pose

hheheheheh!!!! kawaiii!!!!!! 

(via a-m-n-o-s)

can’t help but smile while watching this. 

english interview! awesome taka! 

thanks 23-chan for the heads up \m/

and he said “THE ALBUM IS ALMOST DONE”. yahoooo! can’t wait. 


kuroko no baske 2 WIN! final episode!

that was really AWESOME! METEOR JAM!

and kuroko’s block! WIN! 

found these goods earlier at mandarin supermarket in binondo. galeng! ^^

galing mo mars. nakita mo agad yung marie! hehe :D 

and of course will include ang walang kamatayang tongari corn. hehe :D 




fucking good  *-*

he’s so thin but his voice is so big.. wooohoo!  \m/ 


Hommefatale singer Jung Joon Young dressed up like a woman in his latest concert. He is just like one of those female idols!  

oh my! he is soooo pretty! 

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